Why Businesses Should Switch to Commercial EVs : 6 Reasons to Consider

India is just starting its electric transportation revolution. In India, the industry for electric vehicles is booming due to the government's expanding policy support and the benefits of electric vehicles. For last-mile transportation, people heavily depend on three-wheelers. It serves as the main means of transportation for micro-transit companies, helping customers get where they need to go quickly and affordably.

We all know vehicles produce lots of hazardous gases which pollute the air and can cause various diseases. That's why switching to battery-electric vehicles is beneficial. There are numerous advantages of battery-electric vehicles.

However, many times potential commercial electric vehicle buyers find it difficult to choose the right vehicle for their business. We at Turno , give all sorts of assistance to buy electric load autos starting from choosing the right vehicle to financing as well as reselling.

But before you go ahead with an electric vehicle for business, you must know what makes EVs a better choice compared to fuel powered vehicles or ICE vehicles.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  1. EVs are Remarkably Smooth:

    A three-wheeled electric commercial electric auto is basic and simple to drive. What is more amazing is the high power that EVs deliver. An exciting ride is produced when you hit the accelerator as all of the strength is instantly sent to the wheels.

  2. Budget-Friendly:

    Commercial electric autos have become much more affordable since they were first introduced. Additionally, the expense of vehicle, repair, and servicing has decreased significantly. You spend much less on fuel because you don't need to buy diesel or gasoline in order to maintain your EV functioning. Especially in comparison to the expense of gasoline or diesel, the price to recharge EVs is comparatively low. Implementing renewable energy sources, like solar energy, will help you lower your power costs even more. If you are thinking of cutting off your extra expenses, it's beneficial to buy an electric auto through Turno as they give additional benefits on buying electric vehicles.

  3. Economical and Tax Advantages:

    Inndia has embraced the use of electric vehicles, and the government has implemented a variety of programs and incentives to promote their use. For instance, electric load vehicles cost less to buy than gasoline vehicles in terms of registration fees as well as road tax.

  4. Require Minimum Maintenance:

    In comparison to traditional ICE vehicles, EVs demand less maintenance. Generally, batteries and motors are the two main components. Hence, electric vehicles need minimal maintenance and to the surprise of many, the maintenance cost of electric three wheeler is not more than Rs. 1000 per year.

  5. Large Cabin With More Stores:

    Since electric load vehicles have fewer moving components, they provide the option to utilise extra areas as storage and provide more interior space. Also, the traditional ICE is no longer there, you could also discover storage areas under the hood. In comparison to vehicles powered by fuel, electric vehicle engines and batteries don't really take up much room. Because it has extra space they are mainly used to carry things from one place to another at affordable prices.

  6. Home Charging is on the Go:

    There isn't any need to stress about finding a power station within a local or nearby region when buying an electric three-wheeler. That's because electric load vehicles can be charged using a regular home charger. This vehicle is able to function in the morning after being charged overnight.

The Takeaway

To make your commercial electric vehicle purchase journey easier, get in touch with Turno. Our Turno experts will help you with every step of the purchase journey and as an additional benefit, you will get an assured buyback option. To know more, contact us today.

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