5 Advantages of Electric Vehicle and Commercial Electric Auto

The demand for small-sized commercial vehicles in India has witnessed a huge surge in recent years as many emerging small and medium-sized businesses need transportation. While looking for a commercial vehicle, many prospective buyers are choosing electric vehicles over petrol or diesel vehicles.

What Makes EV a Better Choice?

When you are looking for a vehicle for your business, EVs can be a great choice as they give you multiple benefits. Here are the five most convincing benefits of buying a commercial electric auto.

Low Running Cost

The running cost of an EV is much lower than a petrol or diesel vehicle. With a fully charged EV, you can go up to 100+ km. It requires just 7 to 10 units to fully charge your electric cargo vehicle . Studies have shown that it takes only 50p / km to run a small sized electric vehicle.

Additionally, if you install solar panels to charge your vehicle, the operation cost can be even lower.

Tax and Financial Benefits

As the Indian government is encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles to keep a check on the increasing pollution levels, you will get a number of attractive benefits while buying an electric auto. Some of those are:

  • Road tax exemption
  • Registration fee exemption
  • Income tax benefit
  • Tax exemption of is ₹1,50,000 on EV financing

Low Maintenance

The maintenance of EV is close to none. A diesel or petrol vehicle has a more complicated engine with a number of moving parts. But EVs have a much simpler engine with few moving parts that make the maintenance cost significantly low. What you need to take care of are- the brakes, steering, suspension, electric motor, and battery.

Easy Driving

You can enjoy a gear-free driving experience with electric autos. When you use your electric vehicle for your business, it is obvious that you will be running your vehicle for longer durations. Whether it is the city traffic or the bumpy narrow lane, you can still drive easily with your EV.

Easy Charging at Home

Charging EV is one of the main concerns of people looking to buy an EV. But EV charging worry has become a thing of the past as one can charge EVs at the convenience of their home. EVs can be charged using a 15AMP plug socket. Also, when you purchase an EV, the dealer will do the setup for charging setup, making charging even easier for users.

On the other hand, one can also charge electric autos at charging stations for quick charging. At present, all the major cities in India have a strong network of charging stations.

The Last Thoughts

When you pick a vehicle for your business, your first priority should be the amount you are investing and the operating cost of the vehicle. A lower operating cost will give you more profit. Hence, considering all the above-mentioned points, a battery-operated vehicle turns out to be the best choice.

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