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Mahindra Trucks

Experience the Future of Electric Mobility with Mahindra Trucks from Turno. Mahindra Electric Autos are designed to provide clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions for urban mobility and last-mile connectivity. Equipped with features like regenerative braking, comfortable seating, spacious cabins, and connectivity options they are a great and sustainable choice for mobility services, and small-scale goods transportation.

Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra images
Mahindra Treo Zor

EMI Starting From

12,669/- p.m.

Top Range

80 kms

Load Capacity

550 Kg

Top Speed

50 km/h

Mahindra Zor Grand

Mahindra images
Mahindra Zor Grand

EMI Starting From

14,754/- p.m.

Top Range

85 kms

Load Capacity

550 Kg

Top Speed

50 km/h

Mahindra Electric Auto Price List in India 2023

Explore the Mahindra electric auto price, providing an affordable and sustainable transportation solution for businesses. Mahindra trucks are poised to revolutionize the commercial transportation sector with their exceptional efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness. Here is a table displaying various Mahindra electric truck models and their corresponding price ranges:
EV ModelsVehicles Prices
Mahindra Treo Zor₹ 3.4 - 3.9 lakhs
Mahindra Zor Grand₹ 3.9 - 4.4 lakhs

Why Mahindra Electric Vehicles From Turno?



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Advantages of Mahindra Trucks?

Choose Mahindra trucks for their business-friendly features, advanced technology, and practicality. Turno proudly offers the renowned Mahindra brand, known for its:

Mahindra electric auto, including 3 wheelers, are cost-effective to own and operate. The upfront cost is lower than petrol or diesel vehicles, and the running costs are significantly reduced.


Mahindra electric vehicles produce zero emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice, ideal for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Long battery life

Mahindra load auto have a long battery life, providing the ability to travel long distances without worrying about running out of power.

Regenerative braking

Mahindra features regenerative braking technology, conserving energy and extending the battery life, enhancing overall efficiency.

Easy to operate

Mahindra electric autos are user-friendly and easy to operate, making them suitable for first-time buyers and drivers.

Comfortable ride

Mahindra mini trucks offer a comfortable ride, ensuring passenger and driver comfort, even on longer journeys.


Mahindra Trucks are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring a long-lasting investment that can withstand the rigors of daily business use.

Mahindra Load auto loan

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Turno Vehicle Loan

Highlights of Mahindra Electric Auto’s:

Choose Mahindra electric auto, the most trusted Indian brand, known for their business-friendly features, advanced technology, and practicality. Turno proudly offers a wide range of Mahindra commercial vehicles, including:
  • Advanced battery technology: Mahindra electric loading vehicles utilize advanced battery technology, offering efficient energy storage and extended range capabilities. These vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge battery systems that provide reliable performance and optimal power management.
  • Segment-best comfort: Mahindra electric loading vehicles prioritize driver comfort, offering ergonomic design and features that ensure a comfortable driving experience even during long hours on the road.
  • Higher savings: Mahindra goods vehicles offer significant cost savings compared to traditional diesel-powered counterparts. They have lower operating costs, reduced maintenance expenses, and potential government incentives, resulting in higher savings for businesses.
  • High safety: Mahindra Trucks are designed with safety in mind, featuring sturdy construction, advanced safety features, and compliance with safety standards. These vehicles prioritize the well-being of the driver and cargo.
  • Cloud-based mobility platform: Mahindra goods vehicles integrate a cloud-based mobility platform, enabling advanced connectivity and smart features. This platform enhances vehicle management, remote monitoring, and data analysis for optimized performance and operational efficiency.

Turno Blogs on Mahindra

Mahindra Electric Auto: A Sustainable Solution for Commercial Use

Mahindra Electric Auto: A Sustainable Solution for Commercial Use

Jun 27, 2023Businesses are increasingly looking for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for their company operations in today's fast-paced world. With a variety of electric cars designed specifically for business usage, Mahindra Electric Autos emerges as a market leader as demand for efficient transportation increases. Mahindra Pickup vehicles, such as the famed Mahindra Treo Zor and Mahindra Zor Grand, have completely changed the face of commercial transportation in India because to their remarkable performance, dependability, and environmentally friendly design. In this article, we'll look into the outstanding features and advantages of mahindra commercial vehicles, highlighting how important it is to promote sustainable practises and provide companies the tools they need to pursue more eco-friendly options.
Understanding the Mahindra Tempo: Features, Variants, and Price Range

Understanding the Mahindra Tempo: Features, Variants, and Price Range

May 30, 2023 In the bustling streets of India, reliable and efficient transportation is crucial for businesses to thrive. Recognizing this need, Mahindra, a trusted and innovative leader in the automotive industry, has introduced a range of tempos or electric loading vehicles that embody the essence of reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. With a focus on electric mobility, Mahindra has crafted the Mahindra Treo, Treo Zor, and Zor Grand tempos, promising to revolutionize the landscape of goods transportation across the nation. In this blog, we embark on a journey to unravel the remarkable performance capabilities of these Mahindra Tempos, shedding light on their unique features and showcasing how they empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving Indian market.
Mahindra Loading Vehicle: Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity in Goods Transportation

Mahindra Loading Vehicle: Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity in Goods Transportation

May 23, 2023In today's fast-paced business world, efficient transportation of goods is crucial for enhancing productivity and maintaining a competitive edge. As businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability and cost-effectiveness, Mahindra, a trusted name in the Indian automotive industry, offers a range of electric loading vehicles that are revolutionizing the way goods are transported. In this article, we will explore how Mahindra electric gadis like the Mahindra Treo, Mahindra Treo Zor, and Mahindra Zor Grand are transforming goods transportation, improving efficiency, and boosting productivity for businesses across India.

About Mahindra Electric Auto:

Mahindra Commercial Electric Autos, including the Mahindra Treo Zor and Mahindra Zor Grand, offer superior features compared to traditional IC engine auto-rickshaws. With amenities like a windscreen & wiping system, spare wheel provision, three driving modes, lockable glove box, grab handles, 12V socket, hazard indicator, optional telematics unit & GPS, and a 15A off-board charger, Mahindra electric autos provide enhanced convenience and reliability for commercial purposes. Experience the advanced features of Mahindra Commercial Electric Autos through Turno.

Mahindra Commercial vehicles USPs:

Mahindra electric commercial vehicles offer maintenance-free operations, ensuring hassle-free ownership. Choose savings and reliability with these Mahindra cargos that require minimal maintenance. Take home the Mahindra load auto for efficient and profitable transportation while enjoying the benefits of worry-free operations.

Mahindra Load Electric Commercial Vehicles:

Mahindra's EV Auto models offer versatile and sustainable transportation solutions:

Mahindra Treo Zor

A compact and efficient electric auto designed for urban mobility. With its small footprint, it's perfect for navigating busy streets. Offering sustainable transportation, it provides an eco-friendly solution for short-distance travel and last-mile delivery needs.

Mahindra Zor Grand

This mahindra electric mini truck is designed to meet the demands of commercial goods transportation. With its spacious interior and robust build, it offers ample storage capacity and durability. Combining efficiency and reliability, it provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for businesses.

Mahindra Electric Trucks Dealer Near Me:

electric auto dealers near me
As Mahindra continues to expand its reach and reputation, its presence is being felt across India. With a growing number of people opting for Mahindra's high-quality mobility solutions that offer great value for money, Turno brings you an exceptional range of Mahindra commercial vehicles at affordable prices. Head to Turno to explore and purchase Mahindra trucks that meet your needs and budget.

FAQs on Mahindra Electric Auto

What are the popular models of Mahindra EV?

The popular models of the Mahindra EV are Treo Zor and Zor Grand. Both of these models are available at Turno at the best prices.

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What is the running cost of Mahindra EV auto per km?

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