7 Myths About 3 Wheeler Commercial Electric Auto Exposed

Many commercial load vehicle buyers and fleet owners are well aware that buying an electric vehicle can save huge amounts on fuel expenses. However, many of them still hesitate in buying EVs and one of the biggest reasons behind this is the ‘Myths’ surrounding EVs.

Electric Three Wheelers : Myths Vs Reality

Myth 1: Commercial electric vehicles are expensive.

Fact: Both ICE and electric load vehicles need similar investment.

Gone are the days when cargo electric vehicles used to be costlier than ICE vehicles. At present, both types of vehicles require an investment of almost Rs. 2 lakhs. Additionally, the cost of owning an EV is often lower than that of an ICE vehicle due to lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Myth 2: Commercial EVs have a limited range.

Fact: It gives a range of 70-80 kms on a single full charge.

The range of commercial electric load vehicles has been steadily increasing with the evolution of the technology. Furthermore, commercial EVs come with a mobile app that allows you to monitor the range and other important data in real-time. As a result, there is very little chance of sudden battery discharge on the way to your destination.

Myth 3: Electrical load vehicles are not as powerful as ICE load vehicles.

Fact: Electric cargos are as powerful as ICE load vehicles.

Commercial EVs of the present day can carry a load of 300-400 kgs for each trip. All cargo EVs have impressive acceleration and speed. Electric autos are gearless, which makes it easy to drive. A fully loaded electrical cargo vehicle can easily go uphill or downhill without difficulty.

Myth 4: EVs take too long to charge.

Fact: It takes just 2.5 to 3.5 hours to full charge an electric vehicle.

The longest time required to fully charge any electric vehicle at home is 3.5 hours when charged at home. And the charging time even decreases when charged at fast charging stations. Using a fast charger, three-wheeler cargo autos can be fully charged within 1 hour.

Myth 5: Electric vehicle batteries will need replacing very soon.

Fact: EV batteries can easily be used for 5 to 8 years.

The batteries used in electric cars are top-notch and made to last a long time. Most commercial electric auto batteries come with 3 to 5 year guarantees from many manufacturers. Moreover, if you buy a commercial cargo EV from Turno.club, you will get a three years resell offer. So, the worry about the EV battery is a matter of the past.

Myth 6: There are insufficient charging stations for EV.

Facts: Every major Indian city has 100 to 200 public EV charging stations.

The Indian Government is encouraging the use of EVs over ICE vehicles, and hence a few preparatory steps have been taken by the government. For the location of public charging stations, The Ministry of Power (MoP) provides the following minimum requirements:

  • In a grid of 3km x 3km, at least one charging station should be available.
  • Every 25 km on both sides of highways/roads, one public charging point should be set up

Also, if you set up a charging point at your home, you can easily charge your vehicle at your convenience.

Myth 7: Cargo EVs aren’t safe to be driven or charged when it’s raining.

Facts: Just like any ICE vehicle, EVs can easily be charged or driven during rains.

Electric load vehicles are subject to strict safety regulations during their manufacturing process to ensure proper insulation of batteries . The electric motor is able to withstand various conditions such as being driven, charged, and washed without any risks.

The Last Lines

EVs are subject to strict safety regulations during their manufacturing process to ensure proper battery insulation. The electric motor is able to withstand various conditions, such as being driven, charged, and washed, without any risks.

To know more about commercial vehicles and the best buying options, visit turno.club.

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