How to Improve Electric Vehicle Battery Range : Know the Tips and Tricks

Electric vehicles of all categories, whether four-wheelers, two wheelers or commercial electric autos, all come with a range claimed by the manufacturer. However, many times EV users experience a lesser range, and this becomes one of the reasons for potential buyers to take a step back from buying electric vehicles.

How to Increase Electric Vehicle Battery Range

An increased range of an electric vehicle (EV) can be achieved through a combination of several factors. Here are some ways to increase the range of an EV. These simple yet useful tricks can help improve the range for both passenger and cargo electric vehicles.

Drive your EV efficiently:

Driving style and habits have a significant impact on the range of an EV. Accelerating smoothly, maintaining a consistent speed, and avoiding sudden braking can all help to conserve energy and increase the range.

Follow the prescribed load capacity:

The more weight an EV has to carry, the more energy it requires to move. Removing unnecessary items and reducing the weight of the vehicle can help to improve the range. It is highly recommended to carry the load as the per load capacity suggested by the manufacturer. For instance, the load capacity of Mahindra Treo Zor, one of the best-selling cargo electric autos, gives you a range of 80 km with a load capacity of 550 kg. In scenarios of overloading the vehicle, you can not expect the manufacturer's claimed range.

Plan routes and charging stops:

Plan your route ahead of time to ensure that you take the most efficient and direct route possible. Also, consider charging stops along the way to prevent running out of power. Also, if you buy your electric three wheeler load vehicle with Turno, you will get a free interactive telematic mobile app to check the EV battery range and life in real time.

Turno Telematics app is compatible across all commercial EV sold through Turno. At Turno, we help you buy four bestselling three wheeler Mahindra Treo Zor, Piaggio Ape Electrick, EtrioTouro Max and OSM Rage + . So irrespective of the vehicle you buy through Turno, you can track all its vehicles in one App.

Maintain the vehicle:

Regular maintenance, such as tire pressure checks, battery conditioning, and software updates, can help you to optimize the performance of an Electric vehicle and improve its range. Regular maintenance ensures good battery health and you can take action accordingly.

Mindful use of EV battery:

Experts in electric vehicles suggest not using the vehicle battery till battery percentage drops to 0%. the end. You must recharge it when it reaches 80–85%. It is strongly recommended to limit the use of electric vehicle batteries below 10%.

Minimize exposure of your EV to extreme weather conditions:

Another simple yet very impactful way to maintain electric vehicle battery life is by keeping your EV safe from extreme heat or cold while charging or driving. During extreme heat and cold, your vehicle has to work hard to get moving and keep on charging. Hence, extreme weather is not recommended for electric vehicles.

The Takeaway

By implementing above mentioned strategies, you can help increase the range of your electric vehicle and make the most of your electric driving experience. To know more about electric vehicles or to buy a three wheeler cargo electric vehicle, reach out to Turno.

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