Electric Auto vs Gas Auto for Business: Which is more effecient and why?

The largest event for car enthusiasts in India, The Auto Expo, has returned after 3 long years in 2023 and has not failed to amaze the spectators with cars that are beyond expectations. But the attention grabber of the entire show was electric vehicles. The reason is, out of 75 cars showcased, 30 were pure EVs.

What Makes EV a Better Choice?

When you are looking for a vehicle for your business, EVs can be a great choice as they give you multiple benefits. Here are the five most convincing benefits of buying a commercial electric auto.

This clearly indicates that EVs are the future. Whether it’s cars, 2 wheelers, or small commercial vehicles like electric autos, EVs are all set to win the game. As for EVs in business, users are still unsure of what to expect.

Here is a clear comparison between electric load vehicles & internal combustion engine (ICE) load vehicles to help you decide what to choose and why.

Key Points to Consider Before Buying Cargo Vehicle:

Cost of Purchase

As the vehicle is for business, every penny you spend is accountable and must add value to your business. The first upfront investment you need is the cost of the vehicle. Please note that the cost of an electric vehicle and the cost of an ICE vehicle is almost the same. Both the vehicles will cost you nearly 4 lakhs. Hence, from a cost perspective, electric 3-wheelers and gas autos have no difference.

Cost of Running the Vehicle

Now that you own the vehicle, it is time to run it to support your business. The running cost of an electric vehicle and an ICE vehicle has a huge difference. The fuel of an ICE vehicle (Patrol/Diesel/Gasoline) is much costlier than the electricity units.

For ease of calculation, let’s take an example - Running a vehicle for 3 years.

An ICE 3-wheeler runs 70-80 km on average for 20 days a month, it will cost you around ₹3,60,000 (given the cost of petrol/diesel is ₹100/L). However, if you go for an electric auto, the fuel cost will be around ₹36,000 for 3 years.

To the surprise of many, the running cost of an EV is just ₹1 per km.


An engine in a diesel or gasoline vehicle is more intricate and has more moving parts. However, EVs feature a far more straightforward engine powered by a battery and motor, which significantly lowers the cost of maintenance.

The parts one needs to care about are brakes, steering, suspension, electric motor, and battery. The 3 years of maintenance of an ICE vehicle will cost you nearly ₹30,000 whereas the cost of scheduled maintenance for EV for 3 years is just ₹3000.

EVs have minimal maintenance cost and high performance.

Resale Value

The resale value is also a major concern for many cargo vehicle buyers. Due to the vehicle's frequent use for heavy loads, owners typically have trouble selling the vehicle.

After using your vehicle for 3 years, the market resale value you can expect is nearly ₹1 lakh for an ICE vehicle. On the contrary, if you buy your electric load vehicle from Turno.club you get a resale offer with value of upto ₹1.5 lakhs. Also, when you purchase an EV with Turno, you will get a free mobile app to check the resale value of your vehicle in real time.

Turno app provides you live tracking of the electric vehicle as well as resale value of it.

The Takeaway

From the above comparison, it is clear that choosing a commercial electric auto is the best option for business. This option gets better, when you buy it with Turno, as Turno offers a wide range of vehicles, best financing, as well as an assured resale.

To know more about commercial vehicles and the best buying options, visit turno.club.

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