Electric Vehicle Battery or Range Anxiety and How to Overcome it?

In India, electric vehicles (EVs), both personal and commercial, are gaining popularity due to a number of reasons, such as no fuel expenses, low maintenance, and government subsidies.

However, one of the major concerns for potential EV buyers is range anxiety. This is the fear that an EV won't have enough battery power to complete a journey. This blog will explain every bit of this term called 'Battery Anxiety' and also how to overcome it.

Why battery anxiety happens and how to overcome it?

What is EV Battery Anxiety?

EV range anxiety is the fear that an electric vehicle will run out of battery power before reaching its destination. Unlike fuel-powered vehicles, EVs have a limited driving range and require recharging, which can be a time-consuming and inconvenient process. Also, at the present time, EV charging stations are fewer in number compared to fuel stations. Taking all these factors into consideration, many potential EV buyers believe that driving an EV cannot be stress-free.

Why Does Battery Anxiety Happen?

Battery anxiety or range anxiety happens for several reasons. The first and most convincing reason is the range. For instance, with a full charge, an electric auto has a range of 60 to 70 km. And a full charge may take 3–4 hours. Considering the time and range, EV users often give a second thought while taking EVs for a long drive. Generally, people worry about being stranded for hours while waiting for their vehicle to recharge.

Another reason for range anxiety is the lack of charging infrastructure. In India, EV charging stations are not yet as widespread as fuel stations. Even the battery swapping facility is not available in many locations or for many types of EVs.

How to Overcome Battery Anxiety?

Here are some tips to overcome EV battery range anxiety:

  • Understand Your Vehicle's Range:Every EV has a different range, so it's essential to know how far your vehicle can travel on a single charge. Knowing your vehicle's range can help you plan your trips and make sure you have enough battery power to reach your destination.
  • Plan Your Route:Before you start a journey, plan your route and identify charging stations along the way. There are a few apps/websites available in India that can help you track EV charging stations along the way.
  • Charge Your Vehicle Before It's Empty:You don't have to wait until your battery is almost empty before charging your EV. It's best to charge your vehicle when the battery is around 20–30% charged. This will help you avoid running out of battery power and reduce your range anxiety. Additionally, recharging EV batteries at this stage helps keep your EV battery last longer.
  • Consider Installing a Home Charging Station:Installing a home charging station is convenient, and it can help you save time and money. With a home charging station, you can charge your vehicle overnight and wake up to a fully charged battery. If you own a three wheeler electric vehicle, you won't even need any additional set up to charge your vehicle at home. You can charge your three wheeler electric load vehicle using a 15AMP socket.


EV battery range anxiety is a real concern, but it can be overcome. Also, with the gaining popularity of electric vehicles the number of recharge stations are also increasing. Also, if you buy commercial three three wheeler electric vehicles with Turno, you get an interactive mobile app that will show you the battery range in real time.

To reduce your range anxiety and understand how to increase battery life of electric vehicles, talk to Turno experts today.

To know more about commercial vehicles and the best buying options, visit turno.club.

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