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Altigreen 3 Wheeler Electric Auto

Turno invites you to embrace India’s most advanced electric commercial vehicles made by Altigreen. Explore the range of Altigreen electric auto models, including the Altigreen neEV and Altigreen neEV Tez, and experience the electrifying change that your business needs. Explore the Altigreen Electric auto range, designed to deliver the never heard before power and performance for last-mile delivery and urban logistics.

Altigreen neEV

Altigreen images
Altigreen neEV

EMI Starting From

15,497/- p.m.

Top Range

120 kms

Load Capacity

550 Kg

Top Speed

53 km/h

Altigreen 3 Wheeler Electric Auto Price List in India 2023

Discover the price range of Altigreen electric auto, offering sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions for various business requirements. Altigreen electric trucks are designed to change the landscape of the commercial transportation sector with their efficiency, reliability, and fast charging abilities. Below is a table showcasing the Altigreen electric truck models along with their respective price ranges.
EV ModelsVehicles Prices
Altigreen neEV Starting from 4.26 lakhs
Altigreen neEV TezStarting from 4.34 lakhs

Why Altigreen Electric Vehicles from Turno?



Lowest Down Payment:

Get hassle-free vehicle delivery with low and flexible down payment options, which helps you purchase Altigreen Load Electric Vehicles at an affordable price

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Advantages of Altigreen Electric Vehicles:

Turno, in partnership with Altigreen, brings you electric vehicles that redefine the norms, offering innovative solutions for modern logistics that keeps your business always a step ahead. Elevate your delivery operations with Altigreen and Turno today.
Zero Range Anxiety:

With a certified range of up to 151 kilometres, Altigreen vehicles provide the confidence to cover substantial distances without worrying about recharging.

Ample Cargo Space:

Altigreen vehicles come with a spacious 177 cu. ft. container, allowing you to transport more goods efficiently.

Unparalleled Ground Clearance::

Offering a best-in-class ground clearance of 220mm, Altigreen vehicles effortlessly tackle diverse terrains, ensuring smoother journeys.

High Torque:

Altigreen vehicles boast the highest torque in their segment, ensuring remarkable performance even under demanding conditions.

Fatigue-Free Smooth Driving

Altigreen’s electric vehicles offer a serene driving experience, minimising driver fatigue during long journeys.

Robust Construction for Indian Roads:

Built to withstand the challenges of Indian roads, Altigreen vehicles are constructed for durability and reliability, ensuring a safe and efficient delivery journey.

Altigreen 3 Wheeler loan

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Turno Vehicle Loan

Highlights of Altigreen EV Auto:

Altigreen offers an impressive battery life, capable of covering up to 151 kilometres on a single charge. The Altigreen EV experience is characterised by simplicity of operation and a comfortable ride, offering an ideal solution for those seeking an technologically advanced vehicle that doesn't compromise on affordability.

Turno Blogs on Altigreen 3 Wheeler

Benefits of commercial electric vehicle

The Business Benefits of Choosing Altigreen Electric Commercial Vehicles

Sep 7, 2023The future of commercial transportation is electric, and Altigreen is leading the charge with innovative electric commercial vehicles (EVs) that offer a multitude of business benefits. In a world where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount, Altigreen Auto and Altigreen Truck provide compelling solutions for businesses of all sizes. In this blog, we'll explore the advantages of choosing Altigreen electric vehicles for your commercial operations.
Innovative Engineering: Unveiling Altigreen's Breakthrough Electric Commercial Vehicles

Innovative Engineering: Unveiling Altigreen's Breakthrough Electric Commercial Vehicles

Aug 30, 2023 In a world where technology meets profitability and sustainability, Altigreen stands out like a superhero in the realm of electric commercial vehicles (EVs). These vehicles aren't just ordinary; they're like magical cars that use electricity, boosting profits and promoting sustainable choices. Let's dive into Altigreen's impressive technology and discover two incredible EVs they offer: the Altigreen neEV and Altigreen neEV Tez – both are super-efficient three-wheeler trucks.
Exploring the Different Types of Electric Loading Autos

Exploring the Different Types of Electric Loading Autos

Aug 23, 2023Electric loading autos are a type of electric vehicle that is designed for urban delivery and logistics. These electric commercial vehicles are compact and more maneuverable than trucks, making them ideal for navigating crowded city streets. Electric loading autos are also maintenance free, making them a more sustainable option for urban transportation.

About Altigreen Electric Auto:

Altigreen's neEV electric cargo vehicle is redefining last-mile delivery with its cutting-edge technology and engineering prowess backed by 28 global patents. Offering an ideal solution for sustainable transportation, neEV combines high-performance electric mobility with built for India features, all at an economical running cost. It's a significant step forward in revolutionising the landscape of electric last-mile delivery in India.

Altigreen Battery Electric Auto USPs:

  • Advanced Technology: Altigreen Battery Electric Auto incorporates advanced engineering and technology, setting a new standard for electric vehicles in the market.
  • Impressive Range: With an 11 kWh battery and certified range of 150 km, Altigreen's Electric Auto ensures extended journeys without compromising on efficiency.
  • Efficient Performance: Boasting 8.25 kW peak power and 45 Nm torque, this vehicle offers powerful yet efficient performance on diverse terrains.
  • Regenerative Braking Innovative regenerative braking technology charges the battery during deceleration, optimising energy usage and extending the range.
  • Manoeuvrability: With a top speed of 53 kmph and a ground clearance of 220 mm, Altigreen Electric Auto navigates Indian roads with ease and confidence.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Altigreen's commitment to sustainability shines through in this electric auto, providing an eco-friendly transportation solution.
  • Cost-Effective Offering a running cost of just 0.92 paise per kilometre, Altigreen Battery Electric Auto delivers economic benefits along with environmental consciousness.
  • Pioneering Innovation Backed by 28 global patents, this vehicle showcases Altigreen's dedication to pioneering innovation in the electric vehicle industry.

Altigreen Electric Commercial Models & Range:

All of the vehicles offered by Altigreen Goods Electric Vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries and come with a warranty. Altigreen Electric EV also offers a range of charging solutions, including home chargers and public chargers. Altigreen has also partnered with Exponent to provide affordable public fast charging stations. If you are looking for an affordable and efficient electric vehicle, Altigreen Electric EV has a range of vehicles that are perfect for you.

Altigreen neEV

neEV from Altigreen, an innovation in electric cargo vehicles. With advanced technology and a certified range of 150 km, neEV offers efficient performance for last-mile delivery. Its regenerative braking and low operational cost of 0.92 paise per km make it an ideal choice for sustainable businesses.

Altigreen neEV Tez

neEV Tez by Altigreen brings rapid charging to electric cargo vehicles. Charging in under 15 minutes, Tez maintains neEV's 150 km range and exceptional features. It's a game-changer for quick and efficient deliveries, showcasing Altigreen's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Altigreen Electric 3 Wheeler Insights:

  • Innovative Engineering: Altigreen Electric 3 Wheeler exemplifies innovative engineering, integrating cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and efficiency.
  • Last-Mile Excellence: Designed to excel in last-mile delivery, Altigreen 3 Wheelers offer practicality and convenience, catering to urban logistics requirements.
  • Extended Range With an impressive certified range of 150 km, this electric 3-wheeler ensures consistent and extended operations without frequent recharging.
  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with 8.25 kW peak power and 45 Nm torque, Altigreen's 3 Wheeler delivers a dynamic and efficient driving experience.
  • Efficient Regeneration Regenerative braking technology optimises energy conservation, charging the battery during deceleration and enhancing overall range.
  • Adaptable Mobility: A top speed of 53 kmph and a generous ground clearance of 220 mm empower this 3-wheeler to navigate diverse urban terrains with ease.
  • Economical Operations Boasting a running cost of just 0.92 paise per kilometre, Altigreen Electric 3 Wheeler offers economic advantages for businesses.
  • Pioneering Legacy: Supported by 28 global patents, Altigreen's innovation and legacy in electric mobility shine through in every aspect of this 3-wheeler.

Altigreen EV Dealers Near Me:

electric auto dealers near me
Thanks to the expansion in the company’s reach and popularity, Altigreen is rapidly making its presence felt across India. As more people are leaning towards Aligreen’s high-quality mobility solutions that offer excellent value for money, Turno brings you this exceptional range of Electric Trucks at affordable prices. If you want to purchase Altigreen electric vehicles you can always head to Turno.

FAQs on Altigreen Electric Auto

What is Altigreen Electric Auto?

Altigreen Electric Auto is a smart and efficient electric cargo vehicle created by Altigreen Propulsion Labs. It's designed for last-mile deliveries, packed with advanced technology and practical features.

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