The OSM Rage is one of India's best and most economical electric three-wheeler vehicles for urban cargo transit or loading gadi.

OSM Rage for Cargo Transportation

People who live in cities may find it challenging to navigate the town's tiny roads. With traffic, pollution, and street congestion, it might be difficult to find a suitable and efficient mode of transportation. However, with the rise of electric vehicles, this problem is beginning to be addressed. One such option is the OSM Rage, an electric three-wheeler vehicle designed particularly for urban cargo delivery.

What is OSM Rage?

OSM Rage is an electric three-wheeler that is built for city use. It is manufactured by OSM Auto. The company is working towards creating an eco-friendly and sustainable transportation solution. The OSM Rage is an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional modes of transportation like pushcarts and diesel autos.

Why Choose OSM Rage?

For individuals looking for a straightforward and useful method of cargo transportation, the OSM Rage is ideal. It's perfect for quick journeys around the city like errands, cargo deliveries, and supermarket shopping. It serves as a loading gadi to move goods and supplies, making it appropriate for small business owners as well. 

The OSM Rage is the best vehicle for handling traffic and confined spaces since it is simple to operate, low maintenance, tiny, and nimble. It produces no emissions while using electricity, making it environmentally beneficial.

Features of OSM Rage

The OSM Rage has many qualities that make it a fantastic choice for transportation in cities. Here are a few of this electric three-wheeler's unique features so you can see why it's ideal for delivering urban cargo.


OSM Rage is a fantastic option for cargo transportation in metropolitan locations thanks to its conventional and fashionable look. It comes in a range of colour tones, and the body is constructed of durable, eco-friendly materials.


The OSM Rage is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 120 kilometres on a single charge. It takes around 3 hours to charge fully, which makes it convenient for daily use.


With its incredibly strong motor, the OSM Rage can reach top speeds of up to 45 km/h. Due to this, it is well known for city-wide transportation.


The OSM Rage has a powerful suspension system. Therefore the electric three-wheeler provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads.


The safety feature in OSM Rage is unique and trustable. It comes with all types of safety equipment, such as seat belts, headlights, taillights, and turn signals. It also has a strong cover that protects you in case of an accident.


The OSM Rage is a very affordable mode of transportation. As compared to the diesel autos the OSM Rage is an electric commercial vehicle and has less maintenance and less running cost. 

OSM Rage: The Ultimate Electric Auto for Urban Cargo Transport

Benefits of OSM Rage for Transportation

Here are some benefits of using the OSM Rage electric three-wheeler for urban cargo transportation and loading gadi purposes in India, presented in a table:




The OSM Rage is powered by an electric motor. Just because it runs on batteries it emits zero emissions and helps reduce air pollution in the city. 


The OSM Rage is much cheaper to operate than a traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. It requires less maintenance, has lower running costs, and is eligible for government subsidies and incentives.

Easy to Drive

The OSM Rage is designed to be easy to drive, with a simple and intuitive control system. It has a tight turning radius and can easily operable through crowded city streets.

High Load Capacity

The OSM Rage has a high load capacity of up to 400 kg, making it ideal for transporting goods and materials for small businesses or delivery services.

Low Noise Pollution

As compared to traditional autos or diesel-powered vehicles, the OSM Rage is much quieter. It helps reduce noise pollution in urban areas.

Modern Design

The OSM Rage has a sleek and stylish design, which makes it look good on the road and gives it a more appealing look for commercial use.

Long Range

The OSM Rage has a long range as compared to other electric commercial vehicles. On a single charge, this electric commercial vehicle can go up to 120 km. Due to this, it is suitable for daily commutes and short-distance deliveries.

Low Maintenance

The OSM Rage requires low to no maintenance. This is because it has fewer moving parts and a simpler design as compared to traditional vehicles. This reduces the overall cost of ownership and makes it easier to maintain over time.


The OSM Rage is an excellent electric three-wheeler for urban commutes and loading gadi purposes. It is affordable, eco-friendly, and easy to drive, making it an ideal mode of transportation for city businesses. It has a modern and sleek design and comes with a range of features that provide a smooth and comfortable ride. If you are in the market for a practical and sustainable mode of transportation, the OSM Rage is definitely worth considering.

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