Montra Passenger EV

The Montra Passenger autorickshaw is a three-wheeler electric vehicle designed for the Indian market. It provides a comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly travel experience for passengers, as well as drivers. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into the Montra Passenger EV, exploring its features, specifications, benefits, and where to buy to get the best benefits.

The Design and Features of Montra Passenger Autorickshaw

The Montra Passenger auto is a new addition to the three-wheeler auto market. However, within a very short period, this vehicle has gained popularity due to its enhanced features and stylish look. The spacious cabin can comfortably seat three passengers, with ample legroom and headroom for a relaxed journey. The driver's seat is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and control during long drives.

The Key Features of the Montra Passenger Auto:

Access Super Range: Goes up to 160 km on a single charge which is one of the highest range providers making it perfect for urban and sub-urban regions.

Battery Pack: This electric vehicle comes with a 7-point battery sensor to calculate important battery parameters. Once again, this feature is available in only a few 3W EVs.

Regenerative Braking: This system recovers energy lost during braking, improving the vehicle's range and efficiency.

Digital Dashboard: The dashboard displays essential information like battery level, speed, and range, keeping the driver informed.

Safety Features: The Montra EV comes equipped with seat belts, a sturdy chassis, and headlamps for enhanced safety.

Durable Build: Extra safe boron steel chassis and durable metal body

Here is all features of Montra passenger EV at a glance:


Vehicle Category


Seating Capacity


Body Type


Roof Type 

Rexin canopy


Sturdy boron steel chassis

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions - L X W X H

2825 mm X 1350 mm X 1750 mm

Wheel Base

2010 mm

Min Ground Clearance

207 mm

Turning Circle Dia

5248 mm


756 kg

Kerb Weight

456 kg


Top Speed

55 km/h

Pick Up (0-20 km/h)

4 sec

Gradeability (%)


Certified Range

197 km

Typical Driving Range

160 +/- 5 km

Regenerative Braking


Drive Modes

Park Assist / Eco / Drive / Power / Reverse

Drive Train

Peak Power (kW)

10 kW

Peak Torque (Nm)

60 Nm

Battery and Charging

Battery Type

Lithium-ion / 48V

Battery Capacity

10 kWh

Charger Type

Off board

Suspension and Safety

Head Lamps

High power halogen lights

Tail Lamps

Integrated stylish LED lights

Suspension - Front

Double fork helical spring

Suspension - Rear

Shock absorber with helical spring

Brakes - Front / Rear

Hydraulic drum brake


3.75 x 12 E 66 4PR

Comfort and Feature

Driver Seat

High back rest, ergonomic dual tone seat

Instrument Cluster

4.3 inch LCD

Glove Box

Yes, with lock

Mobile Charging

12V socket

Montra Driver App


Passenger Seats

Dual-tone seats with superior cushion

Luggage Space

Rear luggage cabin with tailgate


Montra Passenger EV

Benefits of Montra Passenger EV:

Choosing the Montra Passenger EV over conventional diesel/gasoline-powered rickshaws offers several advantages:

Cost-Effective: Electric vehicles have lower operating costs compared to petrol or diesel vehicles, thanks to reduced fuel expenses and lower maintenance needs.

Comfortable and Convenient: The spacious cabin, smooth ride, and easy-to-use features make the Montra EV a comfortable and convenient travel option.

Reduced Air and Noise Pollution: The electric motor emits no greenhouses gases and operates silently, contributing to a quieter and more peaceful urban environment.

Why Buy Montra Electric Auto Rickshaw from Turno?

Here is all about Montra EV. Now let’s understand why should consider buying your vehicle from Turno.

Lowest Down Payment:

Get hassle-free vehicle delivery with low and flexible down payment options, which helps you purchase a Montra electric auto rickshaw without making a hole in your pocket.

Test Drive at Home:

Get a firsthand experience of the smooth and efficient performance of Montra electric auto rickshaw through test drives. You can take a test drive at the Turno store or your home at your convenience.

Financing Options:

Explore guaranteed Montra electric auto financing options at Turno to make owning a passenger electric auto rickshaw more convenient.

Doorstep Service and Maintenance:

Enjoy dedicated service and maintenance support for Montra electric auto with Turno, ensuring optimal functioning and longevity.

Vehicle Exchange:

Take advantage of Turno's old vehicle exchange program to easily transition to a Montra EV auto.

Assured Resale:

Experience peace of mind with Turno's guaranteed resale options for Montra electric auto offering up to 40% of the vehicle's purchase value.

Turno App:

Access the Turno mobile app to track your vehicle in real-time, monitor battery health, and receive vehicle condition information for enhanced convenience and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Montra Passenger EV

Q: How far can I travel on a single charge of the Montra Electric Super Auto?

A: You can ride over 160 km with ease in this vehicle ! That's among the best ranges in the electric auto market.

Q: How fast can the Montra Electric Super Auto go?

A: The top speed of this vehicle is 55 km/h.

Q: What's the current price for the Montra Electric Super Auto?

A: Prices start around ₹3.5 - ₹4 lakhs. For exact quotes in your area, contact Turno experts at 08047482233. Remember, it's not just the upfront cost – think of the long-term fuel and maintenance savings!

Q: What makes the Montra Electric Super Auto stand out?

A: The spacious legroom, headroom, and boot space for everyone and their luggage are the special features of this vehicle. Its 60 Nm torque delivers impressive performance, while the fully digital instrument cluster offers a modern and user-friendly experience.

Q: Where can I buy Montra Electric Super Auto?

A: is your answer! We bring doorstep test drives, hassle-free financing, quick delivery, and comprehensive after-sales support. 

Q: Can I try the Montra Electric Super Auto before buying?

A: Absolutely! Schedule a free doorstep test drive by calling Turno at 08047482233. 

Q: Is there any warranty on Montra Electric Auto?

A: Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year/10,000 km warranty, whichever comes first. 

Q: Can I get finance for my Montra Electric Super Auto purchase through Turno?

A: Yes! Turno offers 100% assured EV loans with attractive flat interest rates starting at 10.5%. 

Q: How do running costs compare between the Montra Electric Super Auto and CNG autos?

A: The Montra EV costs only ₹0.40/km, compared to ₹4/km for CNG, offering a whopping 90% reduction in running costs. Save big while going green!

Q: Why choose Turno for my Montra Electric Super Auto purchase?

A: Turno is your one-stop shop for everything Montra Electric Super Auto. We help you choose the perfect 3-wheeler, secure financing effortlessly, guarantee resale value up to ₹1.5L after 3 years, and provide top-notch after-sales support, including regular servicing and assistance with minor issues.