With the rise of electric mobility and the push towards sustainable transportation, e-auto rickshaws have become a popular mode of transportation in many urban and suburban regions of India. These three-wheeler vehicles, also known as e-rickshaws, tuk-tuks, and totos in different parts of the country, are powered by electricity. This makes them a cost-effective option for commuters and a financially rewarding vehicle choice for owners seeking higher profits. 

Why Choose E-Auto Rickshaws? 

There are several reasons why e-auto rickshaws are becoming increasingly popular:

Cost-effective: E-rickshaws are cheaper to operate than traditional rickshaws, as they have lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Easy to drive: E-rickshaws are easy to drive due to auto gear transmission in nature. This makes them a good option for those with limited driving experience.

Convenience: E-rickshaws have a faster acceleration and can easily navigate through crowded streets making it the best option for busy roads. 

Environmentally friendly: E-rickshaws produce zero emissions, helping to combat pollution and climate change.

Several e-auto rickshaw models are available in India, each with its unique features and benefits. Here are a few of the most popular models:

Montra ePV2.0: This is a stylish and feature-rich e-rickshaw model with a modern design.

Piaggio Ape ECity FX: This is a premium e-rickshaw model known for its durability, range, and performance. With a

Piaggio Ape ECity FX Max: This is an upgraded version of the Ape ECity FX with a longer range and more features.

Mahindra Treo Plus HRT: This variant of Mahindra auto rickshaw is a comfortable and spacious e-rickshaw with a high ground clearance and a car-like hard roof.

Mahindra Treo Plus SFT: This is a more affordable e-rickshaw model with a focus on efficiency.

Bajaj RE E-Tech 9.0: The electric Bajaj auto rickshaw is a powerful and rugged e-rickshaw model with a long range.

E-Auto Rickshaw Price in India

E auto rickshaw prices can vary depending on the model, battery capacity, and other features. However, the starting price for a basic e-rickshaw is around INR 3.2 lakhs. One may also find a difference in electric auto rickshaw prices in different states depending on the state government subsidy. 

Government Incentives for Electric Vehicles - The FAME II Subsidy

The "Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME II)" is a scheme launched by the Government of India to boost the development and adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the country. This initiative is crucial in the global efforts to combat climate change. The Indian government aims to encourage individuals and businesses to invest in electric vehicles by offering various financial incentives to make EVs more affordable. Here is a list of the benefits provided by FAME II:

Purchase Incentives: Direct discounts are offered to users, reducing the overall cost of electric vehicles.

Coupons: Financial incentives in the form of coupons, with the amount reimbursed later.

Interest Subventions: Discounts on the interest rate when availing a loan to purchase an electric vehicle.

Road Tax Exemption: Waiver of road tax at the time of vehicle purchase.

Registration Fee Exemption: Exemption from the one-time registration fee applicable to new vehicle purchases.

Income Tax Benefit: Provided as a deduction on the tax amount payable by an individual to the government.

Scrapping Incentives: Provided upon deregistering old petrol and diesel vehicles.

This comprehensive set of benefits aims to make electric vehicles more attractive and accessible to a wider audience, aligning with the government's commitment to environmental sustainability and reduced dependence on traditional fuel sources.

The subsidy for E-Auto Rickshaws is Rs 10,000 per kWh.

Source: E-Amrit

Where to Buy E-Auto Rickshaws

E-auto rickshaws can be purchased from brand dealerships. However, if you want to research, compare, and experience all the top electric auto-rickshaws under one roof, you must visit Turno, India’s No.1 Multibrand EV Dealer. Turno is a one-stop solution for all commercial electric vehicles. The entire purchase journey of your commercial electric auto is taken care of by Turno - starting from selecting the right vehicle to resale. Turno has partnerships with all the bestselling electric auto-rickshaw manufacturers, i.e., Piaggio, Mahindra, Bajaj, and Montra. 

Turno offers 100% assured financing for electric auto-rickshaws along with 5-day vehicle delivery. With Turno’s free mobile app, one can track battery health in real-time, along with many other vehicle and loan-related details. Turno also offers assured resale after 36 months. 


E-auto rickshaws are a sustainable and affordable transportation option that is transforming the Indian auto industry. With the government's support and increasing awareness of the benefits of e-rickshaws, we can expect to see even more e-rickshaws on the roads in the years to come.