In a world where technology meets profitability and sustainability, Altigreen stands out like a superhero in the realm of electric commercial vehicles (EVs). These vehicles aren't just ordinary; they're like magical cars that use electricity, boosting profits and promoting sustainable choices. Let's dive into Altigreen's impressive technology and discover two incredible EVs they offer: the Altigreen neEV and Altigreen neEV Tez – both are super-efficient three-wheeler trucks.

Altigreen Propulsion Lab: A Nexus of Innovation

At the heart of Altigreen's success story lies the Altigreen Propulsion Lab, a haven of innovation where cutting-edge minds collaborate and breakthroughs are born. This lab serves as the cradle of engineering solutions that propel Altigreen's electric vehicles into a league of their own. Melding state-of-the-art technology with visionary thinking, the lab serves as the birthplace of ideas that cater specifically to India's unique environment, road conditions, and driving patterns.

Altigreen neEv

Altigreen's Cool Idea for Electric Vehicles

Altigreen isn't just making regular cars; they're building vehicles that are kind to the Earth and super cool to drive. Their focus is on creating EVs that are friendly to nature, but also fast and practical. The Altigreen neEV and neEV Tez are like the superheroes of cars, showing us a cleaner and better way to move around.

Meet Altigreen neEV: The Power-Packed Star

Imagine an electric three wheeler truck that's strong like a superhero and cares about the environment like a nature lover. That's the Altigreen neEV! It has a super powerful battery, can go really fast, and can travel up to 150 kilometers without stopping for a recharge. And guess what? When you press the brakes, it charges itself! It's like the car is using its own magic to stay charged and take you on adventures.

Introducing Altigreen neEV Tez: The Super Quick Chargeing Vehicle

Hold onto your hats because Altigreen brought something super cool with the neEV Tez! This three wheeler EV doesn't just drive fast; it charges even faster! Imagine going from "0" to "100%" in just 15 minutes. It's like a super-speedy pit stop for your electric load gadi! And guess what's even cooler? It has all the amazing features of the neEV, plus a boost of speed.

Let's Check Out the Awesome Features:


Battery Power


How Far It Goes

Charging Time

Altigreen neEV

11 kWh

53 kmph

Up to 150 km

3.5 hours

Altigreebn neEV Tez

11 kWh

53 kmph

Up to 150 km

15 minutes fast charging

But wait, there's more to this story! Altigreen teamed up with Turno to make their electric commercial vehicles easily available and affordable. It's like two superheroes joining forces for a good cause. Together, they're making sure that everyone can have these amazing electric load gadis without breaking the bank.

Wrapping Up the Epic Adventure

Altigreen's electric vehicles are like the future on wheels. They're more than just EVs; they're like superheroes that want to save both the time and fuel expenditure of your delivery business by offering futuristic technologies. With their Propulsion Lab and mind-blowing technology, they're leading the way to a cleaner and more exciting way of getting around in the city. If you care about the planet and want a fun ride, Altigreen's electric vehicles are your perfect companions!



Q1: What is Altigreen Electric Auto?

Ans: Altigreen Electric Auto is an innovative electric cargo vehicle designed by Altigreen Propulsion Labs for efficient last-mile deliveries, boasting advanced technology and practical features.

Q2: What makes Altigreen Electric Auto unique?

Ans: Altigreen Electric Auto stands out with its cutting-edge engineering, impressive 11 kWh battery, 150 km certified range, and regenerative braking for energy conservation also these vehicles are designed particularly for Indian road conditions.

Q3: How does Altigreen Electric Auto ensure efficiency?

Ans: Altigreen Electric Auto offers powerful performance with 8.25 kW peak power and 45 Nm torque, while regenerative braking charges the battery during deceleration.

Q4: Can Altigreen Electric Auto go on tough roads?

Ans: Absolutely. With a top speed of 53 kmph and a ground clearance of 220 mm, Altigreen Electric Auto manoeuvres effortlessly even on difficult roads.

Q5: What is the running cost of Altigreen Electric Auto?

Altigreen Electric Auto offers an incredibly economical running cost of just 0.92 paise per kilometre, providing significant savings over time.

Q6: How many days does Turno take to deliver Altigreen Electric Auto?

Ans: With Turno’s efficient delivery you can get your Altigreen Electric Auto in just 3 days.

Q7: Who can benefit from Altigreen Electric Auto?

Ans: Altigreen Electric Auto is an ideal solution for businesses involved in delivery businesses, seeking efficient, eco-friendly, and economical transportation options.

Q8: How can I purchase Altigreen Electric Auto?

Ans: To explore more about Altigreen Electric Auto, its features, and how it can benefit your business, please reach out to Turno’s dedicated team or visit