Are you thinking about purchasing an Euler electric vehicles for your business? You should not miss out on considering the Euler HiLoad. The Euler HiLoad is changing the Indian logistics sector with its amazing features and performance. To guarantee a simple and easy purchasing experience when purchasing a new vehicle like the Euler HiLoad, a complete evaluation of financing choices is required. You can check out the various financing options in this blog so that you may make the right decision and take a step towards a future that is greener and more sustainable. 

In this complete guide, we will also go through the specifications of the Euler HiLoad and compare the financing choices available for you so you can decide how to pay for your new electric commercial vehicles.

Euler HiLoad Financing Options

So, read on and discover how financing the Euler Motors HiLoad is now easy!

Euler HiLoad Financing: Easier than Ever

Euler Motors is aware of how important financial assistance is to getting the HiLoad for your business. They provide various financing alternatives that meet the particular requirements of businesses to simplify the buying procedure. 

The following are some financing choices for the Euler Motors HiLoad:

Bank Loans

For availing a loan to buy the HiLoad, businesses can go to banks or other financial organisations. These loans usually have less interest rates and flexible plans for repayment, this will help businesses to expand and also bear the expense of electric vehicles over a practical timeframe. Businesses should prepare the required paperwork and fulfil the eligibility requirements because banks may demand collateral or a high credit score before approving a loan.


For businesses that wish to avoid paying the up-front cost of the electric vehicle, leasing is a better choice. Businesses can use the Euler HiLoad for a certain amount of time under leasing agreements from Euler Motors by making monthly lease payments. Businesses can use this option to operate more flexibly and to switch to newer models in the future. In addition to maintenance and servicing, leasing helps businesses to cut down the additional expenses and duties.

Incentives from Government

Businesses may receive subsidies, grants, or tax benefits when buying electric commercial vehicles like the HiLoad, depending on the state and federal legislation. These incentives can lower the entire cost of owning the vehicle and also increase the vehicle's operationality from a financial point of view. It's important for businesses to do their homework and remain updated on the current schemes and subsidies offered by the government.

Internal Financing

Some businesses may choose internal financing strategies, such as utilising their own cash reserves or looking into joint ventures with lenders or investors. By using their current resources, this strategy enables businesses to maintain ownership and control of the HiLoad DV. Internal finance can provide businesses with better flexibility in terms of repayment schedules and decision-making, but they must carefully consider the risks involved and their financial capacity before utilising their own assets.

Financing from the Vendor

Businesses interested in buying the HiLoad may also try to get manufacturer financing straight from Euler Motors. Through this agreement, businesses may deal directly with Euler Motors to develop adjustable financing arrangements that meet their unique requirements. Vendor finance may make the procedure smooth and offer businesses a one-stop shop for financing and purchasing electric loading vehicles.

Non-banking Finance Companies

NBFCs are experts in offering loans and financial services to both consumers and businesses. These companies could provide special financing plans for commercial vehicles like the HiLoad. Compared to traditional banks, NBFCs frequently offer more lenient eligibility requirements and quicker loan processing timeframes, making them a feasible choice for companies searching for rapid and simple financing options.

Exchange Programmes

Businesses can exchange their old electric vehicle for a new HiLoad through exchange programmes offered by some dealerships or automakers. This choice can make the financing procedure easier and help in settling the cost of the new vehicle. The cost of the HiLoad DV is reduced by the value of the exchange vehicle, which is subtracted from the overall cost.

You can also consult Turno as an alternative. Turno offers commercial Euler 3 wheelers. Turno provides a range of electric vehicles, including pickup trucks, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. Turno also offers services such as financial assistance, exchange offers and so on.

Features of Euler Motors HiLoad

Given below is a table that showcases the features of the Euler HiLoad:

Features of Euler HiLoad DV


Maximum Payload Capacity

Up to 900 kgs

Battery Capacity

192 Ah

Charging Time

4 hours (Fast Charging), 8-10 hours (Normal Charging)


Certified Range of Up to 150 km on a single charge

Motor Power

12 kW

Top Speed

55 km/h


The Euler HiLoad, an electric commercial vehicle that combines performance, efficiency, and sustainability, is a game-changer in the logistics sector. Businesses may cut down the initial investment barrier and make use of HiLoad's remarkable features by utilising the various financing options that are available. Euler Motors works to make financing your HiLoad simple and easy, whether you opt for bank loans, leasing contracts, or taking advantage of government advantages. Check your financing choices, evaluate your business's financial standing and use the Euler 3 wheeler to move towards greener and more effective logistics.

For more information about Euler Electric Vehicles and the best buying options, visit Turno.



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