Piaggio Passenger EV

Three-wheeler electric vehicles have emerged as the new heroes of Indian streets, and there are several reasons behind their popularity. The primary factor is their cost-effectiveness, as the running cost of electric vehicles is nearly 1/10th of that of similar diesel or petrol vehicles. Additionally, the Indian government is offering substantial incentives on electric vehicles, making them more affordable for buyers.

In the competitive market of newly launched passenger electric autos, Piaggio is capturing the attention of a significant number of electric autorickshaw buyers. Here are the top 5 reasons that make it the best choice for autorickshaw owners and drivers.

1. Low running cost

For rickshaw owners, profitability is the first and foremost concern. The Electric Piaggio Ape Passenger auto gives an incredibly low running cost of just 39 paise per kilometer (₹0.39/km). This translates to significant savings compared to traditional CNG-powered rickshaws, whose running costs can be as high as ₹4/km hence with a Piaggio electric auto rickshaw you save massive 90% reduction in fuel expenses, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned income.

Furthermore, the Piaggio E-City FX and FX Max models offer a range of up to 115 km and 145 km, respectively which is considered as one of the best ranges by any passenger EV. This extended range ensures uninterrupted service and the ability to take on more passengers, ultimately maximizing your earning potential.

2. Superior power, durability, and safety

The Electric Piaggio Ape Passenger EV not only helps save money but also performs impressively. The E-City FX and FX Max models have powerful 10 hp and 12 hp motors, making it easy to drive on city streets and slopes, even when carrying a full load of passengers and luggage.

The Piaggio electric auto is sturdy with a durable chassis that gives you confidence on every drive. It ensures a comfortable ride with hydraulic suspension and has drum brakes on both front and rear wheels for effective stopping, prioritizing safety for both the driver and passengers.

3. Industry-leading warranty

Piaggio electric auto understands the importance of trust and peace of mind for its customers. That's why the Passenger EV comes with an industry-leading warranty. The FX Max and Swappable models boast an impressive 36-month/1,00,000 km warranty, while the FX model offers a 3-year/75,000 km warranty. This comprehensive coverage ensures you're protected against any unforeseen repairs or malfunctions, minimizing financial risks and offering long-term value for your investment.

4. Convenience and ease of use

The Piaggio EV operates with a smooth and simple automatic transmission. This eliminates the need for manual gear changes, reducing driver fatigue and allowing for a more relaxed and focused driving experience. Additionally, the electric motor runs silently, creating a peaceful environment for both driver and passengers.

Furthermore, the Piaggio E-City Swappable offers the convenience of removable battery technology. Depleted batteries can be swapped in just 5 minutes at designated swapping stations. This eliminates long charging downtime and keeps your rickshaw operational for extended periods, maximizing potential earnings and passenger satisfaction.

5. Turno's dedicated support

Buy Piaggio Passenger EV with Turno

Turno, India's No.1 EV dealer, offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free ownership experience of this passenger EV. From free doorstep test drives to guaranteed financing options, Turno makes the transition to electric vehicles effortless.

Furthermore, Turno provides comprehensive after-sales support, including scheduled maintenance services, roadside assistance, and assured resale value. 

The future of rickshaw transportation

With its unmatched profitability, effortless efficiency, superior performance, industry-leading warranty, and dedicated after-sales support, the electric Piaggio Ape Passenger auto stands out as a compelling choice for rickshaw owners seeking a sustainable and profitable future. 

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