About Turno

Established in 2021, Turno is a one-stop solution for commercial EVs. We have onboarded over 2000+ business owners, including e-commerce, logistics, small-scale vendors, and FMCG companies. Turno has partnered with leading 3W electric OEMs like Mahindra, Piaggio, Euler, Greaves, Montra, Altigreen, and more. 

Turno stands out in India's growing electric vehicle market, transforming the use of commercial vehicles in last-mile delivery. We offer easy EV financing options and a buy-back policy for easy EV adoption. 

Primary Marketing Objective

Lead Generation & Consideration

Google’s Support for Digital Marketing Strategy

Google supported Turno in building a digital marketing strategy. In just 4.5 months, Turno witnessed brand growth, contributing to a 27% increase in overall leads. Turno leveraged the power of Google precision targeting for crafting search campaigns while focusing sharply on the right geographical markets to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in advertising. Google helped Turno scale by giving technical support for campaigns, making their initiatives more successful. 

How Turno Set the Marketing Campaigns 

The appetite for achieving the goal led Turno to concentrate on using digital channels across all stages of the marketing funnel. We identified what information customers searched for on Google during the purchase journey and leveraged consumer research knowledge to create marketing campaigns across all the channels, including lead generation campaigns on Google. 

Over time, implemented A/B experiments, refined creative communication, selected keywords strategically, and optimised website landing pages. Turno worked on continuous optimisation, leveraging AI with Smart Bidding, embracing broad-match keywords, and guided by Advanced Analytics and Reporting (AAR). 

Google Tools Used for Marketing

Demand Gen
Performance Max
YouTube campaigns

As a result, Turno achieved a 31% increase in Sales Qualified Conversions. Empowered by this success, Turno boldly increased investment in Google ad networks by 2.7 times. Turno isn't just a name anymore; it's a complete solution provider for commercial electric vehicle solutions.