Explore Piaggio Ape Electrik, a budget-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to traditional autos for urban transportation needs.

Do you want a compact and efficient mode of transportation for your daily commute or small business operations? You need Piaggio Ape electric commercial vehicle for your everyday needs. The Piaggio Ape, also known as the "Ape auto,". It's a multipurpose three-wheeled electric vehicle that's a cheaper alternative to typical automobiles. The Piaggio Ape, with its unusual design and Lithium-ion battery, is gaining appeal as an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for a variety of transportation needs. Corrosion caused by dirt, dust, and debris can cause serious damage to the body, wheels, and undercarriage.

Piaggio Ape Electric Auto

Piaggio Ape Models

Let's take a closer look at the different Piaggio Ape models and their specifications to understand why they are a cost-effective alternative to traditional autos.

Piaggio Ape Auto (Petrol and Diesel Powered)

The Piaggio Ape Auto is the traditional petrol and diesel-powered version of the Ape, powered by a 435 cc single-cylinder engine that produces 7.4 horsepower. It has a top speed of 50 km/h  and offers a fuel efficiency of approximately 36 km/l. The Ape Auto comes with a payload capacity of 500 kg and offers an open cabin configuration with a handlebar for steering. It is commonly used for goods transportation and as a commercial vehicle in various industries.

Piaggio Ape Electrik (Ape E-City)

Piaggio Ape Electrik is also known as the Ape E-City. It is a commercially available electric loading gadi.Piaggio Ape Electrik has a motor with 7.3 hp. It can reach a top speed of 45 km/h. Comes with an 8 kWh battery. The range of the electric gadi is 80 km per charge. You can charge the Ape Electrik at home or charge stations in just 3-4 hours.

The Ape Electric offers a similar payload capacity as the petrol and diesel-powered version, with a maximum payload of 550 kg. It also comes with an open cabin configuration, making it suitable for goods transportation and commercial use.

The Ape Electric offers a similar payload capacity as the petrol and diesel-powered version, with a maximum payload of 550 kg. It also comes with an open cabin configuration, making it suitable for goods transportation and commercial use.

Here's a comparison table highlighting the specifications of the Piaggio Ape Auto (petrol/diesel) and the Piaggio Ape Electrik:


Piaggio Ape Auto (Petrol/Diesel)

Piaggio Ape Electrik


435 cc single-cylinder

Electric motor

Power Output

7.4 horsepower

4.8 horsepower

Top Speed

60 to 63 km/h

45 km/h 

Fuel Efficiency

36 km/l

Zero emissions

Payload Capacity

500 kg

550 kg

Cabin Configuration

Open cabin with handlebar

Enclosed cabin


Goods transportation, commercial

Goods transportation, commercial

Piaggio Ape Electrik Price

The Piaggio Ape Electrik, or Ape E-City, is competitively priced, making it an affordable option for those looking for an electric vehicle. The exact price may vary depending on the region and local taxes or incentives, but as of 2023, the approximate starting price for a Piaggio Ape Electrik is around ₹ 3.7L. 

In comparison, traditional autos, especially larger ones, can cost significantly more, both in terms of upfront price and ongoing expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance. The Piaggio Ape Electrik offers a cost-effective alternative, with lower upfront costs and reduced long-term expenses due to its electric-powered nature.

Piaggio Ape Electric Auto

Advantages of Piaggio Ape Electrik

The Piaggio Ape Electrik, or Ape E-City, offers several advantages over traditional autos, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Reduced Operating Costs:

One of the biggest advantages of Ape Electric is its significantly lower operating costs compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles, in general, have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance, resulting in lower maintenance expenses over time. Additionally, the cost of electricity per kilometre is usually much lower than the cost of petrol and diesel per kilometre, resulting in reduced fuel costs for Ape Electric.


Ape Electric produces zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to reducing air pollution and improving air quality in urban and city environments. It also has a lower carbon footprint compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, as it does not emit greenhouse gases during operation. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for those who are conscious of the impact of their transportation on the environment.

Quiet and Smooth Performance: 

The Ape Electric offers a silent and smooth performance, as it does not have a traditional internal combustion engine. The electric motor provides instant torque and acceleration, resulting in a responsive and enjoyable driving experience. The quiet operation of Ape Electric also contributes to reducing noise pollution in urban areas.

Versatility and Mobility: 

The Ape Electric, with its compact size and flexibility, offers versatility and mobility in urban and city transportation. It can easily navigate through narrow streets, crowded areas, and tight spaces, making it ideal for goods transportation, passenger transport, and mobile vending. Its small size also allows for easy parking in restricted areas, saving time and effort.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Choosing Ape Electric can also be seen as a step towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility. As electric vehicles are known to have a lower environmental impact compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, using Ape Electric can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation practices. This can be a positive aspect for businesses and individuals who are committed to being environmentally responsible.

Comparison of Piaggio Ape with Traditional Auto

In comparison to traditional autos, the Ape Electric offers several advantages, as highlighted in the following comparison table:


Ape Electric

Traditional Autos



Higher initial cost

Operating Costs


Higher maintenance


Zero tailpipe emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions


Smooth and quiet

Noise and vibrations

Versatility and Mobility

Compact and manoeuvrable

Limitations in manoeuvrability


Environmentally responsible

Higher environmental impact


In conclusion, the Piaggio Ape Electrik, or Ape E-City, is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional autos for urban and city transportation needs. Its affordability, lower operating costs, zero emissions, smooth performance, versatility, and sustainability make it an attractive option for businesses. 

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