With a strong presence in the Asian markets, Piaggio, the market leader in Europe, has now expanded its services to more than 100 nations. Scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles with displacements ranging from 50 to 1,200cc are available in the vehicle lineup under the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi, and Scarabeo brand names. The Apé, Porter, and Quargo brands are used to promote the three- and four-wheeled light transit vehicles. Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (PVPL), the industry leader in 3-wheeler goods transportation in India, currently holds the top spot. Piaggio has transformed the 3-wheeled freight market in the nation and is currently leading the way in several service-related fields on a worldwide scale.

Piaggio Ape Electric vs Ape Diesel

Piaggio Ape Electrik vs Piaggio Ape Diesel


Piaggio Ape E-City FX

Piaggio Ape Xtra Classic 435 cc diesel


Max Power

5.44 kW @3500rpm

5.7 kW @3600rpm

Max Torque

29 Nm

19 Nm

Suspension & Brake


Leading arm, constant rate coil spring with hydraulic dampener

Hydraulic Telescopic shock absorber with Helical Compression Spring dampener


Semi trailing arm, rubber spring with hydraulic dampener

Hydraulic Telescopic shock absorber with Rubber Compression Spring dampener






713 kg

975 kg





Key Differentiating Factors of Piaggio Ape Electrik and the Piaggio Ape Diesel

Although both Piaggio Ape Electrik and Piaggio Ape Diesel are well-known 3 wheeler electric load vehicles, they have certain differences and hence might affect their scope of usage. Let’s check them out:

Environmental Impact

When comparing the Piaggio Ape Electrik to the Piaggio Ape Diesel, which releases exhaust fumes from its diesel engine, the Piaggio Ape Electrik comes out on top in terms of its little impact on the environment. The Piaggio Ape Electrik is a green option for companies that place a high priority on environmental sustainability since it helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Operating Costs

Compared to the Piaggio Ape Diesel, the Piaggio Ape Electrik has less expensive operational expenses. Due to their lower number of moving parts, lack of oil changes or filter replacements, and reduced component wear and tear, electric cars often require less maintenance. In addition, electricity is typically less expensive than diesel fuel, which can lead to long-term cost savings. The Piaggio Ape Diesel, on the other hand, could need more regular maintenance and fuel expenses, which over time might mount up. The Piaggio Ape Diesel, on the other hand, could need more regular maintenance and fuel expenses, which over time might mount up.

Range and Performance

Businesses that need to transport greater items can use the Piaggio Ape Diesel since it has a higher payload capacity than the Piaggio Ape Electrik. The Piaggio Ape Diesel also has a greater range since diesel fuel is simpler to refill with than electric charging infrastructure and is more generally accessible, particularly in isolated or rural regions. The Piaggio Ape Electrik, on the other hand, has a constrained range of up to 75 kilometres (46.6 miles) on a single charge, making it unsuitable for enterprises that need to transport heavy cargo or over longer distances.

Government Subsidy

The Piaggio Ape Electrik has the benefit of potentially qualifying for government incentives and subsidies, depending on the nation or location of use. Many governments provide financial incentives to encourage the use of electric cars, including incentives for businesses. These incentives can help cover the cost of an electric vehicle's initial purchase and cut down on running expenses overall. As it emits pollutants and is not as environmentally beneficial as its electric version, the Piaggio Ape Diesel may not be eligible for such subsidies.

Noise and Comfort

Regarding comfort and noise, the Piaggio Ape Electrik has a definite edge. Driving with an electric motor is quieter and more comfortable since it generates less noise and vibrations than a diesel engine. Businesses operating in metropolitan locations where noise pollution is an issue or those that want to provide their passengers or clients with a more relaxing experience may find this to be advantageous. On the other side, the Piaggio Ape Diesel can make more noise and vibrate more, which might make it uncomfortable for drivers or passengers.

Charging Infrastructure

The Piaggio Ape Electrik is dependent on the world's still-evolving electric charging infrastructure. Even while Piaggio has been trying to create a charging infrastructure that includes fast-charging stations, it could still be imperfect in some places, particularly in isolated or rural areas. In contrast, the Piaggio Ape Diesel can be refueled with diesel gasoline, which is more readily accessible than the infrastructure for electric charging.

Long-term Sustainability

The Piaggio Ape Electrik could offer an edge in terms of long-term sustainability. Electric vehicles are probably more likely to be economically viable over the long run than diesel automobiles due to the increased emphasis on environmental sustainability and stronger emission standards. As the desire for environmentally friendly transportation choices increases, electric vehicles are also anticipated to have greater resale value in the future. On the other hand, tougher pollution laws and the rising demand for electric vehicles may make the Piaggio Ape Diesel less sustainable over the long future.


Finally, the decision between the Piaggio Ape Diesel and the Piaggio Ape Electrik depends on a number of variables, including your company's unique demands, running expenses, environmental concerns, and the accessibility of charging infrastructure in your area. To make an informed choice that is consistent with your company's objectives and beliefs, it is crucial to thoroughly assess your business's needs, take into account long-term sustainability and environmental effect, and compare the advantages and drawbacks of each alternative. 

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