Advantages of Mahindra over Other EV Manufacturers:

Mahindra, as an electric load gadi (EV) manufacturer, offers several advantages that set it apart from other manufacturers in the market. Here are some key advantages of Mahindra over other EV manufacturers:

Mahindra Zor Grand Advantages

Experience and Expertise:

Mahindra has a rich history and extensive experience in the automotive industry. With over two decades of experience in electric mobility, Mahindra has developed a deep understanding of EV technology and its integration into vehicles. This experience translates into reliable and well-engineered electric load gadi.

Diverse Electric Portfolio:

Mahindra offers a diverse range of electric load gadi, catering to different segments and customer needs. From compact electric cars to electric SUVs and commercial load gadi, Mahindra provides options for various purposes and preferences. This extensive portfolio allows customers to find an EV that suits their requirements.

Focus on Last-Mile Connectivity:

Mahindra has made significant strides in addressing the last-mile connectivity challenge with its electric three-wheelers like the Mahindra Treo. These electric load gadis provide an eco-friendly and efficient solution for short-distance commuting and last-mile transportation needs. Mahindra's focus on this segment showcases its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.

Strong R&D and Technological Innovations:

Mahindra invests in research and development to drive technological innovations in the electric mobility space. The company constantly works on improving battery efficiency, charging infrastructure, and overall performance of its EVs. This commitment to innovation ensures that Mahindra vehicles stay at the forefront of the EV industry.

Robust After-Sales Support:

Mahindra provides a strong after-sales support network for its electric load gadi. The company has a wide service network across the country, ensuring that customers have easy access to maintenance and repair services. This support network instill confidence in customers, knowing that their EVs will be well taken care of throughout their ownership journey.

Government Partnerships and Subsidies:

Mahindra actively collaborates with governments and participates in various initiatives aimed at promoting electric mobility. These partnerships help in facilitating the adoption of EVs by offering incentives, subsidies, and favorable policies. Mahindra's alignment with government objectives further strengthens its position as a trusted EV manufacturer.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Mahindra has a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. By focusing on electric mobility, the company actively contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future. This dedication to sustainable practices resonates with customers who prioritise eco-friendly transportation options.

Mahindra Treo Range of Electric Gadis:

The Mahindra Treo is an innovative and eco-friendly electric three-wheeler that offers a sustainable solution for short-distance commuting and last-mile connectivity. Packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Mahindra Treo is designed to provide a comfortable and efficient ride. In this blog, we will delve into the various features and benefits of the Mahindra Treo, highlighting its performance, convenience, and environmental advantages.

Feature 1: Electric Powertrain:

At the heart of the Mahindra Treo lies its powerful electric powertrain. By utilising electricity as its primary energy source, the Treo produces zero tailpipe emissions, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to cleaner air quality. The electric powertrain also offers smooth acceleration, making the Treo a pleasure to drive. With its efficient motor, the Treo delivers impressive torque and ensures a seamless driving experience even on challenging terrains.

Feature 2: Spacious and Ergonomic Design:

The Mahindra Treo boasts a spacious and ergonomic design that prioritizes passenger comfort. The thoughtfully designed cabin provides ample legroom and headspace, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable ride. The seats are ergonomically designed to offer optimum support, reducing fatigue during long journeys. Additionally, the large windows and panoramic windshield enhance visibility, creating a pleasant and airy ambiance within the vehicle. The Treo's compact dimensions make it ideal for navigating through congested city streets while still providing ample seating capacity.

Feature 3: Advanced Safety Features:

Mahindra understands the importance of safety, and the Treo is equipped with advanced safety features to protect both passengers and drivers. It incorporates a sturdy and durable frame, designed to withstand impacts and ensure structural integrity. Additionally, features such as regenerative braking, anti-roll bars, and disc brakes contribute to efficient and secure braking performance. The Treo also comes equipped with seatbelts for all passengers, ensuring their safety in case of unexpected manoeuvres or sudden stops. These safety features are carefully integrated to provide peace of mind to both passengers and drivers, making the Treo a reliable choice for urban transportation.

Feature 4: Convenient Charging and Range:

Charging an electric vehicle is made convenient with the Mahindra Treo. It offers multiple charging options, including regular charging points and fast charging compatibility, allowing users to charge the vehicle based on their requirements and available infrastructure. The Treo's battery can be charged to a significant capacity in a short duration, ensuring minimal downtime. With varying battery variants available, the Treo offers a range suitable for different commuting needs, providing flexibility and reliability for daily transportation.

Benefit 1: Cost Savings

Owning a Mahindra Treo brings long-term cost savings. As an electric vehicle, it significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in lower fuel expenses. Moreover, the maintenance costs of electric vehicles are generally lower compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, as there are fewer moving parts and no oil changes required. Additionally, governments often provide incentives and subsidies for electric vehicle owners, further reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Benefit 2: Environmental Impact

By choosing the Mahindra Treo, individuals contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. The zero-emission electric powertrain helps reduce air and noise pollution, creating healthier and cleaner urban environments. Electric vehicles play a vital role in combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Treo's eco-friendly design and efficient energy utilisation make it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious individuals and organisations committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Mahindra Treo Variants and Pricing


Pricing Range (in INR)

Mahindra Treo Zor

2.9 - 3.4 Lakhs

Mahindra Zor Grand

3.5 - 3.8 Lakhs

Mahindra Zor Grand DV+

3.8 Lakhs

Comparison of Mahindra Treo Features


Mahindra Zor Grand

Mahindra Treo Zor

Electric Powertrain



Spacious Design



Advanced Safety Features



Convenient Charging




125 kms

100 kms


The Mahindra Treo showcases a range of features and benefits that make it a compelling choice for sustainable urban transportation. With its electric powertrain, spacious design, advanced safety features, and convenient charging options, the Treo offers a comfortable and reliable commuting experience. If you head to Turno! you can get exciting offers and expert advice to manage your business hassle free with Mahindra Treo range of Electric Gadis.


 1. Does Mahindra have an electric car?

Ans. Yes, Mahindra has a range of electric vehicles, including the Mahindra e2oPlus and the Mahindra Treo. These electric cars are known for their impressive performance, durability, and eco-friendliness. To learn more about Mahindra's electric cars, you can visit the Mahindra page on the Turno website.

2. What does Turno do?

Turno is a company that provides electric vehicle solutions for businesses. Turno offers a range of electric vehicles, including three-wheelers, four-wheelers, and pickups. Turno's vehicles are known for their impressive performance, durability, and eco-friendliness. To know more about what Turno does, you can visit the Turno page on the Turno website.

3. What is the mileage of Mahindra Treo?

The Mahindra Treo has a range of up to 125 km on a single charge.

4. What is the price of Mahindra 12 foot truck?

The price of a Mahindra 12 foot truck may vary based on various factors such as location and specifications. Please visit the Mahindra electric auto page on Turno's website to learn more.

5. What is the price of Treo?

You can find the price of the Mahindra Treo electric three-wheeler on our website. Please visit the Vehicles page to see the prices of all the electric vehicles we offer.