The dairy industry holds a notable share in global greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for approximately 2% of the total. An avenue to enhance profitability while mitigating these emissions lies in the transition to EV three-wheelers powered milk distribution. Goods Electric vehicles, renowned for their emissions-free operation, not only align with environmental goals but also present a promising avenue for enhancing profitability compared to traditional diesel vehicles.

Electric autos are exceptionally well-matched for milk distribution purposes due to their compact size and easy manoeuvrability, making them perfectly suited for navigating in the confined streets and narrow urban roads. Their lightweight construction further enhances their suitability by enabling efficient transportation of smaller milk loads, thereby minimising energy consumption during delivery.

There are a number of case studies with Turno, that demonstrate the success of using EV three-wheelers for milk distribution. Turno is helping various milk farmers and distributors to adopt goods electric vehicles and maximise their profits. Below is one of the case studies to illustrate how Turno helped one milk distributor transform their business.

Goods Electric Vehicles for Milk Distribution

The Case Study:

In the busy metropolis of Bengaluru, where urbanisation and technological advancements often blend seamlessly, a local milk distributor named Mr. Manjunath found himself at a crossroads. Faced with limitations imposed by his conventional two-wheeler, his dairy distribution business was hampered in terms of carrying capacity and outreach. However, a turning point in his entrepreneurial journey came in the form of Turno,the no.1 multi-brand EV store of Bengaluru, which recognized the untapped potential within Mr. Manjunath's dairy distribution venture.

Challenges Faced:

Mr. Manjunath's initial mode of milk distribution involved his trusty two-wheeler, limiting the quantity of milk he could carry in a single trip. This constraint not only restricted his customer base but also confined his distribution area, hindering the growth potential of his business. As a result, his monthly earnings hovered around a modest figure of 20,000/-, underscoring the need for a transformative solution to elevate his dairy distribution enterprise.

The Turno Solution:

Recognizing the inherent challenges faced by Mr. Manjunath and understanding the growth possibilities, Turno stepped in as a strategic partner. Turno's team of executives thoroughly understood the dynamics of Mr. Manjunath's business, comprehending the nuances of his milk distribution model. Armed with this insight, Turno recommended the Piaggio Ape E-Xtra Fx Max, an innovative goods electric vehicle designed to address the specific requirements of urban delivery businesses like Mr. Manjunath's.

Maximising Potential with Electric Mobility:

The Piaggio Ape E-Xtra Fx Max proved to be a game-changer for Mr. Manjunath's dairy distribution business. With its larger cargo capacity and efficient electric powertrain, the vehicle allowed him to significantly expand his milk-carrying capabilities. This translated into a broader customer reach and the ability to cover a wider distribution area. The transition to goods electric vehicle not only improved operational efficiency but also helped Mr. Manjunath to mitigate his operational limitations.

Financial Empowerment through Turno:

In addition to recommending the suitable vehicle, Turno extended its support to Mr. Manjunath in the form of financial assistance. Turno facilitated low-interest loans and a manageable downpayment, making the transition to electric mobility a financially viable and attractive proposition. This comprehensive approach underscored Turno's commitment to enabling growth and ensuring the success of its partners.

Results and Transformation:

The impact of this strategic partnership was nothing short of remarkable. Mr. Manjunath's monthly earnings, which previously stood at around ₹ 20,000/-, have now tripled to around ₹ 60,000/-, catapulting his dairy distribution business to new heights of profitability. The Piaggio Ape E-Xtra Fx Max, coupled with Turno's support, facilitated streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Buoyed by this success, Mr. Manjunath is actively exploring further expansion, with plans to acquire an additional electric vehicle from Turno to meet the growing demand.


Before EVs

After EVs

Monthly Earnings

₹ 20,000/-

₹ 60,000/-

Milk Carrying Capacity



Customer Reach



Distribution Area



Environmental Impact



Operational Efficiency




Mr. Manjunath's journey from a conventional two-wheeler milk distributor to a thriving entrepreneur with a flourishing dairy distribution business is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions. Turno's strategic intervention, supported by the versatile Piaggio Ape E-Xtra Fx Max electric three-wheeler, has not only transformed Mr. Manjunath's business but has also set a precedent for others to follow. This success story stands as an inspiring example of how goods electric vehicles can revolutionise traditional industries, ushering in a new era of growth, profitability, and environmental consciousness.

This is just one example of the many successful case studies of using EV three-wheelers for milk distribution. As the demand for sustainable milk delivery solutions grows, it is likely that we will see even more examples of the use of EVs in this sector.